About BBS

group1Clients appropriately consider a variety of criteria when selecting attorneys to assist in litigation matters. BBS recognizes that clients have the ability to select from many firms, including large and small firms. BBS offers clients the best of both worlds:

The size, services and benefits of a small firm:

  • Individual attention, responsiveness, and flexibility;
  • High-quality, cost-effective legal and administrative services that are defined by the client’s needs, not ours;
  • Enthusiastic staff who know that the client’s business is important; and,

The resources of a large firm:

  • Trial lawyers experienced in a variety of specialty areas;
  • Focused technology, staff, and resources;
  • Case handling, trial, and lead counsel experience throughout the United States; and,
  • Nationwide relationships with experts, other attorneys and law firms.

BBS provides its clients with a long-term commitment and personal service, whether they face litigation or claim, business opportunity or challenge. BBS’s size, experience, and methods of practice combine to provide the more sophisticated legal services expected from a big law firm. However, BBS offers that level at a value and with a flexibility that larger firms are often unable to provide.

With regard to rates and charges, BBS believes in dealing with the subject up front. While a majority of files are handled on the traditional hourly basis, even there BBS offers something different. BBS’s rate structure is provided to you at the start of an assignment. BBS’s bills will be timely, accurate and detailed, but will not contain the clutter that you may have come to expect from attorneys. BBS does not bill for routine long distance charges, fax charges, routine computer research charges, or routine copying charges. BBS treats those as a cost of doing business. Make no mistake, BBS seeks to be fairly compensated for the work done on the client’s behalf. However, BBS commits that the client will understand what work has been performed and what has been charged for that work. BBS’s bills will not contain hidden charges. BBS welcomes scrutiny of those bills to determine whether clients have received value from our efforts.

BBS will also consider in appropriate circumstances other fee arrangements such as contingent fee arrangements, fixed fee arrangements, or combinations.